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8th Wall Introduces Generative AI Modules

Developers can easily add Inworld AI characters to their WebAR projects

WebAR firm 8th Wall is adding generative AI modules for Inworld and OpenAI. With these new GenAI modules, developers can easily add generative AI to their projects. Creators can now seamlessly merge GenAI with 8th Wall WebAR features, including Face Effects, World Effects, Sky Effects and Lightship VPS, among others.

“What excites me most about integrating Generative AI into Augmented Reality is that it empowers every user to become an architect of their digital world,” says 8th Wall XR developer Ian Curtis. “They’re no longer passively consuming content but actively creating it, shaping their experiences with the power of their imagination.”

WebAR’s Inworld AI genAI module

Inworld AI is a powerful character engine that allows users to create realistic AI-driven NPCs and brand ambassadors easily. These AI characters can learn and adapt to new situations. Additionally, characters built in Inworld AI have memory and recall and perform actions without prompt.

Inworld has partnered with 8th Wall to develop the Inworld AI Integration Module, which lets developers merge Inworld’s AI characters with 8th Wall’s WebAR tools. After adding the module to a project, it performs all the monotonous backend work, saving developers significant time. Additionally, devs can quickly deploy their projects to all platforms without modifying or rebuilding them. Inworld also aided 8th Wall in developing the Rainbow Crunchies sample project. Developers can use the Rainbow Crunchies sample project to build their first Inworld and 8th Wall experience.

In addition to the new GenAI modules, 8th Wall is launching new developer tools that allow creators to use OpenAI’s DALL·E and ChatGPT for image generation and AI-driven text chats.

Developers can now use text-to-image prompts to generate creative experiences. Likewise, developers can build personalised interactive WebAR experiences with ChatGPT integration.

The 8th Wall Integration Module for OpenAI manages server setup and token management. Additionally, the module sets up code to call DALL·E and ChatGPT and controls the developer’s secret key and proxying for seamless and secure cloud connection.

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