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The Metaverse Motor Show 2024 Will Showcase The Newest Automotive Innovations

The event will be hosted on an 800-parcel estate in Decentraland

Virtual worlds Decentraland, Vegas City, and digital architecture studio, Voxel Architects, are partnering to create an automotive event in the metaverse called Metaverse Motor Show 2024 (MVMS 2024).

This collaboration seeks to bring together automotive enthusiasts, renowned car brands, and the global metaverse community to showcase the future of personal transportation.

Scheduled to launch in February 2024, MVMS24 is set to be a convergence of technology, art and imagination. The event will leverage the expertise of Decentraland, Vegas City and Voxel Architects, to usher in a new era for the automotive industry.

Sam Hamilton, creative director of Decentraland Foundation said, “MVMS 2024 is a manifestation of the limitless possibilities that arise from the synergy of technology, design and community. Our team is thrilled to create a visionary venue that will not only redefine how car enthusiasts experience automotive events but also pioneer the fusion of virtual and physical realities.”

Automotive advancements 

The event will be hosted on an 800-parcel estate within Decentraland, showcasing a new approach to engage fans, promote brands and showcase automotive experiences. There’s also an array of features such as car runway shows, real-life car displays, wearable collections, live conferences and live racetrack races.

Participating brands in the MVMS 2024 will be given the opportunity to embrace the internet of the next generation. They will also have the chance to explore avant-garde Web3 fan engagement strategies and be at the forefront of new monetisation models utilising NFT technology as well as exclusive ticket-access experiences.

Both Vegas City and Voxel Architects will craft the event venue that embodies the essence of MVMS 2024. The design features a building with an organic shape, complemented by a surrounding racetrack. This venue will also house a central stage that connects to brand plazas and pavilions, where popular automotive brands will be showcased in interactive ways.

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