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Clockwise To Launch Metaverse Office For Remote Workers

A digital platform utopia for members as well as the public to connect, collaborate and interact

UK and Europe workspace operator Clockwise has revealed plans to launch its first office space in the metaverse called the Clockwise Campus. 

The popularity of flexible workspaces has increased, driven by changing work patterns, particularly due to advancements in technology that have rapidly transformed how we work and connect with others. 

Even though remote work grants freedom to work from any location in the world, it can also result in feelings of isolation and a lack of community. With 15 physically flexible workspaces across the UK and Europe, Clockwise is focused on exploring this issue to promote interaction and collaboration.

Alexandra Livesey, COO of Clockwise said, “By design this will facilitate further business connections and entrepreneurial collaboration –  in a whole new digital dimension. We will also use it to host an exciting programme of events; focused on leadership, innovation and wellness. Operationally it will work much like our physical Clockwise offices, but on a larger scale.”

“It will be a place where the usual restrictions around sqft and limitations of physical buildings don’t apply, where practical considerations such as weather and maintenance are unnecessary – a sort of Clockwise utopia,” Livesey added. 

Enhancing remote work

Clockwise also recognises the importance of digital connectivity and has now turned its attention to the nascent metaverse. This virtual world provides a platform for Clockwise members in the UK and Europe to connect and interact with each other in person, eliminating the need for physical proximity.

The Clockwise Campus will be designed by interior design company MoreySmith, incorporating its signature style of stimulating design, varied spaces and a focus on wellbeing. However, the metaverse version will be infinite in size, with a mix of abstract, symbolic and hyperrealistic elements.

“We were particularly inspired by the opportunity to add human elements into the meta world, by incorporating designated spaces for social interactions,” said Linda Morey-Burrows, principal director and founder of MoreySmith. “This blend of the MoreySmith design approach with nods to the gaming industry, brings life and dimension to Clockwise Campus, and we look forward to seeing Clockwise avatars from across the world coming together in this virtual space.”

Inspired by the effects of its physical offices, the Clockwise Campus will launch in Autumn to provide a digital platform utopia for its members as well as the public to connect, collaborate and interact. 

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