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AI-Powered NPCs Bring Cygnus Enterprises To Life

After a successful demonstration at devcom, the new game lets players chat with AI-powered NPCs in real-time

Video game developer Team Miaozi’s Cygnus Enterprises is now one of the first commercial games to incorporate generative AI into its dialogue and character system. The new feature has launched on Steam, allowing players to be part of the initial stage as the games industry gradually pivots towards a future enhanced by artificial intelligence. 

Through a collaboration with character engine platform Inworld Al, Team Miaozi platform enables players to chat and interact in real-time with Al-controlled NPCs. The technology also recognises intent and translates dialogue into in-game actions.

Not only does this feature bring Al characters to life as companions, but it also allows them to be more practical and helpful to players in various ways.

AI NPCs in games 

Cygnus Enterprises as an Action RPG provides a hybrid gameplay experience, combining base management elements and set in the otherworldly frontier of Mytilus. Players can engage in battles against hostile alien creatures, explore unique and exotic locations, and gather resources to expand their base. As they progress, players unlock powerful weapons and armour.

According to an Inworld AI blog post, “The game supports two dialogue systems, one featuring traditional voice actors speaking scripted dialogue, and the other featuring AI-driven NPCs that can interact naturally with players. AI NPCs can be great additions to DLCs or extensions of your game that let players go deeper with dynamic storytelling and emergent gameplay.” 

Both Team Miaozi and Inworld are making ongoing efforts to enhance the underlying technology and are committed to continuous improvement. However, they are also excited for fans to experience the feature and feel that now is the ideal moment

While there’s no official date for a full launch, the game is nearing the end of its Early Access phase on Steam and is expected to be fully launched in the coming months.

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