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VMware And Nvidia Join Forces To Accelerate AI Adoption With New Platform

The tool is aimed at providing businesses with a comprehensive artificial intelligence solution

Chip maker Nvidia has partnered with cloud computing company VMware to create a new platform called VMware Private AI Foundation that’ll simplify the adoption of artificial intelligence for businesses. 

Built on the VMware Cloud Foundation and Nvidia AI Enterprise software, the platform will not only allow businesses to customise models but also enable them to run generative AI applications like chatbots, search engines, summarisation tools and virtual assistants. 

The partnership is aimed at providing businesses from various sectors such as healthcare, manufacturing and financial services with the necessary computing power and tools to leverage the capabilities of generative AI by utilising their respective data. 

Raghu Raghuram, CEO of VMware said, “Generative AI and multi-cloud are the perfect match. Customer data is everywhere — in their data centres, at the edge, and in their clouds. Together with Nvidia, we’ll empower enterprises to run their generative AI workloads adjacent to their data with confidence while addressing their corporate data privacy, security and control concerns.”

Bringing generative AI to businesses 

Nvidia’s NeMo is a key component of the platform as it is an end-to-end, cloud-native framework that’s integrated into Nvidia AI Enterprise. NeMo has many features that enterprises will need to easily adopt generative AI, including customisation frameworks, guardrail toolkits, data curation tools, and pre-trained models.

“Enterprises everywhere are racing to integrate generative AI into their businesses,” said Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of Nvidia. “Our expanded collaboration with VMware will offer hundreds of thousands of customers – across financial services, healthcare, manufacturing and more – the full-stack software and computing they need to unlock the potential of generative AI using custom applications built with their own data.”

The VMware Private AI Foundation platform is a private environment for running generative AI workloads. The platform allows enterprises to keep their data next to their AI models, which helps to protect their privacy and security.

Dell Technologies, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and Lenovo will also provide support by offering systems that are optimised for generative AI workloads. VMware Private AI Foundation will launch in early 2024. 

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