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Microsoft Forms New AI Gaming Team To Develop AI-Powered Features For Xbox

The Windows company is seeking a Principal Software Engineer to lead its new Xbox gaming AI team 

A new job listing on Microsoft’s website shows that the Windows company is aiming to make artificial intelligence a key part of its Xbox console. According to the listing on its careers page, Microsoft has created an ‘Xbox Gaming AI team’ and is looking for an individual to fill the role of principal software engineer. 

Microsoft says the ideal candidate is someone, “With experience in gaming and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to collaborate with and empower Xbox games, engines and platform teams to explore and create innovative new Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) based features, tools and services.” 

The Windows company also wrote that the role will, “Work within incubation projects to implement new features, tools and technologies leveraging cutting edge AI and machine learning. These span the gamut across videogame experiences and new platform tools.” 

The future of gaming 

Microsoft’s listing also shows that its Xbox Emerging Technologies is exploring new tech trends to shape the future of gaming as the company’s new gaming team wants to go beyond traditional ways to prioritise the advancement of players and creators. 

The ideal candidate will not only be a professional techie but should also be very collaborative, possess an in-depth understanding of game development, game testing, game engines and utilise different AI/ML approaches. 

Microsoft also wants the candidate to support the data science teams in running experiments and model training as well as provide advice and mentorship to other team members. 

With the rise of generative Al, tech giants have been brainstorming ways of adopting the nascent technology into their various product offerings and Microsoft has since been at the forefront of this trend. The company is now shifting some of its focus to its gaming division with an AI team that’ll work towards enhancing the gaming experience on its Xbox console. 

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