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AI Avatars From VEED Make Video Creation Accessible To Everyone

The platform is making it possible to create high-quality video content without any prior experience or skills using artificial intelligence 

Creative content creation platform VEED has expanded its suite of video editing tools with the launch of AI Avatars, a new tool that allows brands to create professional videos with realistic avatars. Users can simply type in their script, choose a digital actor and create a video instantly using the platform’s AI-powered online editor. 

The year has been filled with multiple AI tools across a range of industries. Rather than multiple subscriptions and complex software to solve various needs, VEED is focused on making AI more accessible through its video editing tool with AI Avatars being its newest innovation. 

Sabba Keyne jad, CEO and co-founder of VEED says, “Our mission is to make video editing accessible for anyone so we design tools to lower the barrier for entry for creating great video content. Now, businesses of all sizes can use VEED’s Al Avatars to create high-quality content without actors, expensive equipment, or complex editing software.” 

Key benefits of AI Avatars

  • Saving time & money on production: VEED’S ‘Al Avatars’ levels the playing field for businesses without big production budgets 
  • End-to-end video content for brands: The tool is ideal for businesses creating training videos, product demonstrations, marketing presentations, sales outreach and internal communications
  • Localised, multilingual videos: With over 50 avatars available in 75 languages and dialects, videos can be localised and personalised with a few clicks

Some of the platform’s other recently launched AI tools include: 

  • Magic Cut: Removing outtakes, filler words, pauses and other unwanted bits from video in a single click
  • Eye Contact Correction: Allows people to read words off the screen or notes while maintaining eye contact with viewers for maximum engagement
  • Auto Subtitles: Add auto-subtitles in one click to increase engagement by up to 80%
  • Text to Speech: Convert written content into spoken audio
  • Remove Background Noise: Achieve crisp, professional quality audio by removing any background noise or audio disruption
  • Remove Video Background: Replace original video background with a static or moving virtual background
  • Al Script Generator: Effortlessly create compelling video scripts
  • Transcribe Video: Automatically convert speech in audio or video files into text with near-perfect accuracy
  • Al Image Generator: Create Al-generated art, drawings, and text art in seconds
  • Translate Video: Translate your videos into any language online, instantly making content more inclusive
  • Image Background Remover: Remove any background from an image in one click

VEED is offering its Avatar two plans. The Business plan costs $59 per user, per month and is intended for organisations that use video as a key part of their growth, communication, and teamwork strategies. The Enterprise plan costs more at $100 per user, per month and is designed for larger teams that use brand assets and templates. Operational for teams and private spaces, including org-level analytics and security.

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