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DatChat’s Habytat Metaverse Now Features AI-Powered Pets

HabyPets marks a significant milestone in the platform’s mission to bring the metaverse to life in an accessible and innovative way using artificial intelligence

Metaverse platform Habytat has launched a series of new AI-powered pets in its Habytat metaverse which it calls HabyPets. The launch of these HabyPets marks a significant milestone in the platform’s mission to bring the metaverse to life in an accessible and innovative way using AI and machine learning. 

Users will be getting a variety of pets including the Shiba Inu, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, and Schnauzer, with plans to bring more breeds as well as cats in future updates. After adoption, users will have to care for the pets daily and keep them healthy and happy. 

Darin Myman, CEO of DatChat says, “HabyPets are the first in a series of planned product releases designed to create an engaging, fun, and useful customer experience in the Habytat, that we anticipate that this will translate into significant revenue growth from both advertisements and product placements.” 

Mimic real-life pets

Based on Habytat’s AI and ML system, HabyPets will start out as fun and cute little pets that can be nurtured to grow into mature adult pets over time. Like actual pets, users can teach these AI pets different commands to mimic the way real pets naturally learn and change as time goes on.

Some of the real-life activities and fun to have with a HabyPet include catching frisbees, playing with toys, engaging in tug of war and even racing with other pets at the park. 

“With the growing popularity of digital pets, we believe this presents a tremendous opportunity for our users to be entertained while also utilizing our platform to create unique digital assets for their furry friends,” added Myman. 

And as the AI database grows, the pets’ behaviours will also expand, leading to an experience that evolves over time. Similar to real pets, Habytat users will take on the role of caretakers for their HabyPets, which involves activities like feeding, cleaning, petting, and playing with them. 

Users can own their HabyPets by downloading the Habytat mobile app from the App Store or Google Play or from the official website

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