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Leven2k Joins Karta As Creative Lead Of New Fortnite Studio

The studio will focus on creating new immersive and innovative experiences for Fortnite players

Award-winning metaverse studio Karta has launched its very own studio dedicated to creating custom-made in-game experiences in Fortnite. Karta’s Fortnite studio is working together with music, entertainment, and sports talent to make creative versions of Fortnite maps and games. This helps bring in more money for the people who own the rights.

To help steer the new studio, Karta has brought in a familiar face from the Fortnite and gaming community – Leven2k, also known as Daniel Oyelade. Leven2k is known for his role as a commentator and analyst on the official Fortnite Champion Series broadcast, along with being a Fortnite content creator, broadcaster and personality.

“It’s an honour to head up Karta’s new Fortnite studio and lead on developing exciting and fun new maps and games for the community. I truly believe that with our vision, our team and our IP partners we can create something very, very special on the platform,” said Leven2k. 

Leven2k will act as creative lead for the new studio, making sure the studio’s ideas and marketing connect well with the platform’s audience. 

Bringing new content to Fortnite

Erik Londré, CEO of Karta says, “We are extremely excited about Fortnite and our new studio. With Leven’s knowledge of Fortnite culture and a team of great developers and game designers, combined with popular IP from the world of music, sports and entertainment, we are looking to bring something fresh and unique to the players but still feels very much native to them.”

To celebrate the new studio, Karta has created a fresh map in Fortnite. Within the coming weeks, players can battle using new characters that haven’t been on the platform before. 

Pooh vs Death is a version of the popular ‘boss fight’ genre where players get to select who they want to battle in a fight-to-the-death style match between Winnie the Pooh and the Grim Reaper.

“With Pooh vs Death, we wanted to show the world how we can combine current trends with creative use of IP. We look forward to creating new opportunities for IP owners and making millions of players have a lot of fun,” said Londré. 

Karta’s new studio was born thanks to Epic Games’ Unreal Editor for Fortnite. The tool allows creators to create and publish experiences within the battle royale game. To find out more about Fortnite’s potential with UGC, see this interview with Matt Zanazzo Of Gamefam

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