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New Grand Theft Auto V Mod Lets Players Interact With AI-Powered NPCs

The use of artificial intelligence NPCs in games could play a significant role in impacting video games in future 

A fresh PC mod for Grand Theft Auto V brings a new mission featuring more than 30 NPCs. These new character responses and voices are generated using AI technology. The mod is called Sentient Streets and was made by a modder named Bloc.

With this mod, GTA V players can play as a cop in Los Santos investigating a cult called the NihiAIists, who believe they’re in a game world worshipping an AI god. Players can talk to more than 30 NPCs in the game, but these conversations aren’t scripted – and Bloc didn’t hire voice actors either. Instead, the mod utilises AI to create both the NPCs’ responses and their voices.

To create this mod, Bloc used the Character Engine from Inworld and ElevenLabs, two tech companies that are deeply involved in AI.

AI NPCs in video games 

This mod marks the start of the collaboration between Inworld and ElevenLabs. Their goal is to offer the Character Engine tools to modders and game developers who seek more responsive NPCs with AI-generated voices.

While Sentient Streets undoubtedly presents an interesting proof of concept, its launch also prompts concerns regarding the ethical nature of the data sets from ElevenLabs that are being used to generate these AI voices. 

Inworld said in a press release that Character Engine voices can come from someone making, “Custom voices, cloning their own voices using a one-minute sample, or by synthesising entirely new voices from scratch.” 

The mod has been released amidst a growing controversy within the gaming and film industry as individuals have expressed concerns about AI taking over their roles or even using their voices and likenesses without consent.

The Sentient Streets mod for GTA V is available now and you can try it out by downloading it on Nexus Mods.

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