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Hajime Nakatani And Bandai Namco Join Oasys For Gaming NFT Project

Oasyx Series 1 holders have been sent 10,000 units of 1st generation of egg-like items which they can hatch and turn into ‘RYU’ creatures

Gaming-optimised blockchain Oasys has partnered with Bandai Namco Research and in the second series of Oasyx, an NFT project for gamers titled ‘Oasyx series 2: Ryuzo’. 

The NFT project for gamers will utilise AI technology. Oasyx Series 1 holders have been sent 10,000 units of 1st generation of ‘MARYU’ (the equivalent of an egg) that they can hatch and turn into ‘RYU’ creatures. 

Once they hatch, these ‘RYU’ creatures become a non-transferable NFT called SBT — Soulbound Token and cannot be transferred to other users. Users can also nurture and train ‘RYU’ using smart tech from Bandai Namco Research and Attructure, a company researching AI and artificial life. 

Masayoshi Nakamura, CEO of Attructure said, “In this project, we use a physics engine to allow ‘RYU’ to try various movements and learn unique actions. By allowing users to race their ‘RYU’ using newly learned movements, they can enjoy a fun gaming experience where they compete in nurturing methods and performance.” 

A personal gaming experience 

Hajime Nakatani, who worked as a director and studio supervisor at Bandai Namco Games, will supervise the overall theme and art direction of the second series. Below is the official demo video of the project.

“At Bandai Namco Research and Attructure, we are researching AI life forms, how organisms grow and evolve through environment and behaviour. I think it is wonderful that we can share this growth and evolution with everyone in the world of NFTs through this project with OASYS and DJT,” said Nakatani. 

This interaction makes each ‘RYU’ grow distinctly, giving players a personal gaming experience. Besides nurturing, the app will also have a mini-game where players can race their ‘RYUs’ and compete for the best timing. 

The application’s nurturing feature is scheduled to end around the end of July 2024 with the RYUs remaining active afterwards.

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