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LongHashX And Protocol Labs Partner For Web3 And AI Accelerator

A demo day at the end of the program will provide participants with an opportunity to pitch their projects to investors

Web3 accelerator LongHashX has extended its partnership with Protocol Labs, creator of Filecoin and IPFS to launch Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM) Genesis Accelerator

This 12-week program will include the FVM Accelerator and Builders’ Fellowship, working to speed up the development of 25-30 projects that use the new data features in the Filecoin network through FVM.

The FVM mainnet launched on March 14th, 2023, bringing smart contracts and opening up new possibilities for applications across emerging technologies like AI, DeFi, and DAOs.

Recently, AI advancements like DALL-E 2, GPT-4, and LaMDA have become notable. Their reliance on huge amounts of data has ignited concerns about data privacy, centralisation and limits on progress. FVM is focused on tackling these issues by supporting open-source AI and compute-over-data to foster a decentralised and collaborative approach to AI development. 

Emma Cui, founding partner and CEO of LongHash Ventures says FVM, “Enables us to reimagine entire verticals, such as truly open AI models and Web3 social apps. This is made possible by novel Web3-native ideas like Data DAOs, to crowdsource and steward content, or compute over data that preserves privacy and data sovereignty.” 

FVM Accelerator Program

Five projects that are based on FVM will be welcomed into the Accelerator Program. Each of these projects will be granted $200,000 in funding. Aside from funding, these projects will also benefit from a thorough Web3-centered curriculum and hands-on support. 

The program will have workshops and talks on seven topics: Planning Web3 Products, Learning about the Ecosystem, Tokens and how to Manage Things, Building a Community, Keeping Contracts Safe, Web3 Laws, and How to Raise Funds.

Ruben Amenyogbo, partner and founders program lead at Protocol Lab said, “Our partnership with LongHashX is part of our global strategy to drive innovation in this new era of decentralised compute-over-state and compute-over-data. Together, we invest in the architects of future data primitives. I can’t wait to kick off this cohort.”

LongHashX is interested in use cases built on top of FVN including AI, data collection and provenance, model training, model inference, DeFi use cases, decentralised social and an open category that welcomes any other use cases that can now be made possible using FVM. 

The FVM Genesis Accelerator and Builders’ Fellowship Program is scheduled to commence in mid-October. The deadline for applications from interested teams and projects is September 30th via the official website

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