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Sci-Fi Fortnite Experience Moontopia Is Out Today

The online shooter turned proto-metaverse gains a new adventure with Hazimation’s ‘unique blend of action and storytelling’

UK-based production company HaZimation has unveiled Moontopia, a new Fortnite adventure that is now available for players to enjoy. Moontopia offers players an adventure as they embark on a mysterious journey through an alien moon located in close proximity to Earth.

After an unexpected crash landing, players become entangled in a desperate struggle for survival against interstellar invaders and massive lunar creatures while striving to find a way back to their home planet.

Game Director and Hazimation co-founder, Hasraf ‘HaZ’ Dulull says, “Our team has crafted a unique blend of action and storytelling that will transport players to a world they’ve never experienced before.”

“With so many players across the globe playing Fortnite, we can’t wait to see players challenging themselves and cooperating with others in this brand-new adventure. We’re excited to finally unleash Moontopia upon the Fortnite community,” said Dulull.

Play with friends

Players will be happy to know that Moontopia is not limited to solo play as it includes a multiplayer mode as well. The mode allows friends to team up against opponents or each other, forming groups of up to six players.

They can also take on challenges on the mysterious moon, which involves saving astronauts who are trapped by energy beams, zip-lining across a deep crater with monsters below, driving moon buggies and more.

Moontopia is accessible via Epic Games’ Fortnite for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Xbox One Series XlS, plus Nintendo Switch.

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