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Neura Robotics Raises $55 Million To Bring Humanoid Robots To Market

The company will use the investment to expand its confluence of Al and hardware development in the US and Japan

Robotics and AI startup Neura Robotics has raised $55 million in a funding round led by European investors Lingotto, Vsquared Ventures, Primepulse and HV Capital.

Neura Robotics made notable strides in cognitive robotics within three years and is innovating solutions in the industry. The company revealed one of its early market-ready cognitive robots shortly after it was established.

This robot is called Maira and can fully perceive its environment and people, as well as act autonomously. The company is providing its partners with a platform that integrates all necessary sensors, components and AI into a single device. 

It’s also facilitating collaborative application development across various sectors, including industry, service and household domains. As a result, the Neuraverse has been continuously expanding, providing flexibility and cost efficiency in the realm of automation.

Pushing boundaries with AI and robotics

David Reger, founder and CEO of Neura Robotics said, “Since our genesis in 2014, Neura Robotics has been working to push the boundaries of innovation in robotics by rethinking the subject with artificial intelligence and a platform approach, ushering in a new era in robotics. Today’s funding round enables us to keep up the pace in delivering on our visionary promises.”

In addition, Robots based on the Neura Robotics platform can see, hear and have a sense of touch. Combined with reflexive sensory processing, these capabilities are essential for autonomous and predictive action.

“Neura operates at the confluence of Al and hardware development. Germany and Europe have a particular advantage here,” said Nikhil Srinivasan, managing partner at Lingotto.

Neura’s robots are being developed to collaborate with humans across various societal domains and within human-designed environments and aim to bring its first multi-purpose humanoid robot to market. 

“If you are serious about software, you need to embrace hardware. This is particularly true for robotic automation and has been a bottleneck in bringing cutting-edge machine learning and cognitive capabilities into the industrial and services world for many years,” said Dr Herbert Mangesius, general partner at Vsquared Ventures.

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