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New AI Mod Lets Stardew Valley Villagers Chat In Real-Time

Ever wanted to have unscripted dialogue with your in-game neighbours? Inworld’s artificial intelligence can do just that

AI character creation platform Inworld has launched a new Stardew Valley mod that allows players to develop more meaningful relationships with villagers in the game.

The mod brings unscripted dialogues that enable NPCs to have real-time conversations. Players can ask them meaningful questions which wasn’t possible before when the NPCs were all scripted to say a particular dialogue when prompted.

Players can now use the mod to bypass the original Stardew NPC script with Inworld’s AI software which gives the game’s villagers unique personalities that allow them to engage in better conversations with players.

“This mod allows you to engage in unscripted conversations with each character – they’ll respond with their own thoughts and emotions in real time. But be prepared. What they say might surprise you,” Inworld writes in a blog post.

NPCs with brains

Think of it like having a conversation with ChatGPT or Bard, except this time the chatbot is in Stardew Valley. Inworld achieved this by assigning up to 33 custom brains to Stardew Valley villagers.

Even better, players can also use Inworld to create their own characters and use the mod to assign it to an NPC in the game. They can do this by replacing the NPC’s existing personality or simply giving them Inworld’s AI brain.

The Stardew Valley NPC mod is available at Nexus Mods.

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