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GGWP Raises $10M To Combat Toxicity In Online Games

Offers developers free access to its suite of AI moderation products, as used by AAA studios

AI-based game moderation platform GGWP has launched free access to its moderation tool for all developers. The company has been implementing its capabilities with dozens of developers last year and is now making the platform available to everyone.

GGWP was co-founded by games entrepreneur Dennis ‘Thresh’ Fong, Crunchyroll founder Kun Gao, and AI expert Dr. George Ng. The company has now secured further funding from Samsung Ventures and SK Telecom Ventures to propel the platform’s growth forward.

The AI platform will also use its new funding to maintain collaboration with teams working on large AAA titles and support startups that are driving the next wave of games.

Creating a safe gaming space

GGWP CEO Fong stated, “We have felt from the start that all developers should be able to support the healthy online experiences that players deserve. Even the best-staffed developers can’t keep up with even a fraction of reported incidents through human moderation.

“Leveraging AI and a sophisticated platform of tools, we address the vast number of incidents. And now with GGWP going free, we hope the whole industry will join us on our mission to help make our game communities safe and enjoyable social spaces,” added Fong.

By utilising GGWP’s AI-driven technology to fight toxicity, teams have triaged an average of 98% of player reports via the platform, flagging the most severe cases for human moderation. This approach presents a comprehensive model for community moderation available to the public.

GGWP now offers developers unrestricted access to its entire suite of products, which were previously utilised solely by AAA studios. The pricing is flexible with a pay-as-you-go model, and there are no minimum commitments beyond the free tier. For larger games, custom pricing and volume discounts are available.

The company’s solutions are compatible with all platforms including web, PC, mobile, and consoles. Developers can learn more by visiting the official website.

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