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European Commission Reveals Web 4.0 Strategy

‘Today, Europe throws its hat in the ring to become a world leader in Web 4.0 and virtual worlds’ Thierry Breton, Commissioner for Internal Market

The European Commission is adopting a new Web 4.0 and virtual world strategy to drive the upcoming technological transition. Through this new strategy, the Commission aims to ensure that digital environments remain secure, inclusive and trustworthy for all European citizens.

While Web3 is still in its infancy, the Commission is turning its attention to Web4, which may allow for better interactions between humans and machines and the integration of digital and physical objects and environments.

Thierry Breton, Commissioner for Internal Market said, “Today, Europe throws its hat in the ring to become a world leader in Web 4.0 and virtual worlds. Europe has what it takes to lead the next technological transition: innovative start-ups, rich creative content and industrial applications, a strong role as a global standard-setter, and an innovation-friendly and predictable legal framework.

“We will take this competitive edge to the next level and connect virtual world developers with industry users, invest in the uptake and scale-up of new technologies, and give people the tools and the skills to safely and confidently use virtual worlds.”

Virtual world market to be worth €800 billion

By 2030 the global virtual worlds market will be worth over €800 billion. According to the Commission, virtual worlds will change how people coexist. Of course, Web 4.0 brings new risks and the Commission is attempting to address them. Through its new strategy, the Commission aims to shape Web 4.0 virtual worlds to reflect the values of the European Union.

Margrethe Vestager, Executive Vice-President for a Europe Fit for the Digital Age said, “The Web 4.0 and virtual worlds will bring benefits for health, contribute to the green transition and better anticipate natural disasters. But we need to have people at the centre and shape it according to our EU digital rights and principles to address the risks regarding privacy or disinformation. We want to make sure Web 4.0 becomes an open, secure, trustworthy, fair and inclusive digital environment for all.”

Key pillars of the Web 4.0 strategy

The first key pillar of the new Web 4.0 strategy is empowering people and reinforcing skills. The Commission plans to nurture awareness and make accurate information readily available. A Citizen’s panel will develop and announce guiding principles for virtual worlds by the end of 2023. Additionally, the Commission will set up a talent pipeline to aid in the development of necessary Web 4.0 skills.

Shaping global standards for open and interoperable virtual worlds and Web 4.0 is another of the strategy’s key pillars. The Commission plans to ensure that Web 4.0 is decentralised and that its standards are upheld worldwide.

Additional key pillars of the strategy are business and government. The Commission will support a European Web 4.0 industrial ecosystem. The EU is currently investing in initiatives like the Local Digital Twins for smart communities. Likewise, the Commission is launching CitiVerse, an immersive virtual city planning and management environment.

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