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Simplifying The 3D Model Creation Process With Kited

The platform’s upcoming system is designed to fuse advanced artificial intelligence with Web3 and AR technologies

Upcoming Web3.0 AR game Kited will launch its new AI-powered 3D game model generation system come September. It’s scheduled to be unveiled before the game’s full release.

The company’s system is designed to generate a limitless assortment of 3D game item models, each with its own distinct descriptions and characteristics, guaranteeing a variety of game items in Kited. It’ll also enhance the game’s immersive AR environment and provide players with a unique gaming experience.

In line with the decentralisation and transparency principles of Web3, all game items in Kited will be represented as NFTs. Each item will also have its own rarity level which will help to create a dynamic in-game market economy that mirrors real-world economic systems.

Reshaping the games industry

Kited says, “We are incredibly excited about the impending launch of our AI-enabled 3D model generation system. By fusing advanced AI with Web3 and augmented reality technologies, we are breaking new ground in the gaming industry, bringing players into an expansive, immersive and interactive gaming universe.”

Kited’s new system has the potential to revolutionise the gaming industry as the current process of creating 3D models and developing unique descriptions and characteristics for each item is time-consuming for game developers.

“We believe our technology will revolutionise not only how games are developed but also how they are played, bringing the gaming world one step closer to the complete realization of the Web3 vision.”

The AI-driven system by Kited is designed to simplify some parts of the game creation process, granting developers more time to focus on enhancing other aspects of the game. Kited’s system will launch on September 12th, 2023.

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