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Roblox No Longer Wants To Be Called A Metaverse

Head of sport Tian Pei says, ‘We’re not talking about the metaverse. We’re talking about UGC’

Global online gaming platform Roblox has been busy in recent years building partnerships with major brands like FIFA, McLaren, and NASCAR to define what brands can expect from metaverse activations.

Roblox is now looking to move beyond one-off partnerships and build long-term relationships with brands, according to The Drum. Tian Pei, head of sport at Roblox spearheaded these partnerships and hopes that brands will start seeing the platform as a permanent presence in their marketing strategies, rather than a one-off opportunity to reach a large audience.

She adds that brands should have a consistent presence on Roblox just as they do on other social media platforms like Instagram. For instance, Roblox’s WimbleWorld experience, which was first launched last year, is still available in the run-up to this year’s Wimbledon tournament.

Focusing on user-generated content

Roblox attends conferences like SEG3 to educate brands about the benefits of having a long-term presence on the platform. Apparently, Roblox is also de-emphasising the term ‘metaverse’ and focusing on its own platform, which is built on user-generated content.

Pei says that the platform is emphasising the variety of ways that brands can market themselves, especially sports brands. And that Roblox’s audience has aged up, so it is older than brands might expect. The platform is also catering to its older users by introducing experiences and worlds that are restricted to anyone under 17.

In terms of building, brands can use Roblox’s creative tools to build their own experiences, just like other metaverse platforms. Roblox will also allow brands to work with its team to create more high-fidelity experiences with better models and textures.

Merging digital and real-world

Pei went on to say that brands are learning how to activate and convert audiences on Roblox, either through revenue or engagement. And that Roblox’s audience is not limited to sports fans, so teams, leagues, and sporting organisations can reach new audiences on the platform.

According to Pei, Roblox’s focus is to prove the link between its digital experiences and real-world benefits. And that bringing the platform into the physical world is very much on its agenda.

The nascent metaverse is simply one aspect of Web3, although Roblox is not currently allowing the integration of any blockchain tech such as NFTs. Pei also says that AI is an imminent focus for anyone working in tech and Web3 and is a priority investment for Roblox.

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