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Voice Actors Speak Out Against AI Deepfakes In Erotic Skyrim Mods

Vocal talents are outraged at the use of artificial intelligence to create ‘porn’ based on their performances

Camilla Valerius is one Skyrim character with a voice replacement in the Amorous Adventures mod

Thanks to advancements in AI technology, artificial intelligence can now generate and even clone voices for games and other media. Unfortunately, some modders are now using AI voice generation to copy voice actors’ performances for erotic Skyrim mods without gaining consent. And voice actors are justifiably angry at this development.

A recent Twitter post by Robbie92_ highlighting the issue includes a list of Elder Scrolls games voice actors whose voices have been used to create deepfake pornographic content without their consent. According to @Robbie92, voice actors such as Susan Eisenberg, Keith Silverstein and Michael J. Gough have had their voices misappropriated for the NSFW mods., a long-standing popular site for sharing and downloading mods for games like Fallout 4, The Elder Scrolls Oblivion and Skyrim, hosts the mods in question. In the past, Nexus Mods has stated it reserves the right to remove mods that use AI-generated content if someone credibly feels the mod is damaging to them. Robbie92 recommends voice actors contact Nexus Mods to have erotic Skyrim mods using an AI version of their voice removed.

Modders clone voices using ElevenLabs

While some in the modding community argue that they can’t afford voice actors, this doesn’t justify using voice deepfakes without the actors’ consent.

“The act of taking an actor’s voice without their consent and making it say anything, ESPECIALLY NSFW content, is fucking heinous,” says Zane Schacht. “If you want voice acting, pay an actor.” Schact adds, “If you can’t afford an actor, ask around and see if someone will do it for free. If you can’t find one to do it for free, you don’t get voice acting.”

Robbie92 also shares a document that links to many mods that use AI voices. Many of the AI-generated voices in Skyrim mods are thanks to AI tool ElevenLabs, which is popular with the Skyrim modding community.

“It’s one thing to grab an actor’s voice and make it say a silly meme,” Schact adds. “It’s another to make them engage in sexual acts. I have nothing against NSFW mods. I have nothing against NSFW art. But at the core of this is a fundamental disrespect for the original voice actor. Seeing them as pure data to be molded and not an individual. Consent is everything. And if you’re creating sexual content without consent of the involved parties, that’s just vile.”

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