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Overwatch 2 Expands Narrative With New Animated Mini-Series

The game’s PVE co-op mode is abandoned, but the world’s lore and backstory will be explored in new animation

Popular PVP shooter Overwatch 2 has premiered an animated mini-series that acts as a prequel to the global Omnic Crisis. Blizzard Entertainment states that the game’s community has expressed continued interest in an animated show or film based on the hero shooter, primarily due to the quality of the animated shorts released since the game’s initial launch in 2016.

The developer is now meeting the community’s demand by introducing a mini-series titled Genesis – Part One: Dawn. In the first instalment of Genesis, the focus lies on Omnic Crisis. Within the Overwatch universe, the crisis represents a significant conflict between previously peaceful robots and the rest of the world.

The animated film hints at the inclusion of beloved long-time Overwatch characters such as Ana, Reinhardt and Torbjorn, as well as a fresh lineup of characters.

Genesis – Part One: Dawn is now available to watch on YouTube. There is currently no information regarding the release dates of future parts or whether they will continue to explore the Omnic Crisis as a whole.

The Overwatch 2 team recently decided to abandon plans for the game’s cooperative player-versus-environment (PvE) mode. This mode was intended to provide players with modified abilities, RPG-style progression and narratives featuring beloved heroes.

In more recent news, Blizzard announced that the remaining co-op content planned for Overwatch 2 would not be free. The company hopes that the new animated series will serve as partial compensation for the discarded stories and content.

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