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Cloud Gaming Comes To Web Browsers With Nware

The platform is aiming to offer gamers various ways to play games as well as unlock new markets to enable more people enjoy cloud gaming

In its attempt to remove limitations and give gamers more freedom, cloud gaming platform Nware is now available for use directly on desktop and mobile web browsers without having to download the Nware app.

The browser-based gaming experience will enable gamers worldwide to easily jump into their favourite titles using any device with a compatible web browser. This allows players to experience cloud gaming by simply using Google Chrome or Safari web browsers.

This announcement is of particular interest to Mac users considering how often the system is overlooked when it comes to video games. Nware’s recent update will see users enjoy gaming on their Mac via a web browser, especially if they don’t own a next-gen console.

Daniel Olmedo of Nware said, “Nware democratises access to gaming for all users, and now including those with a Mac or an iPhone. With Web Browser capabilities users can play any game directly without any downloads allowing a hassle-free option and opening up the platform to new opportunities. We’re looking forward to offering as many ways to play as possible, unlocking new markets where more people can now enjoy the power of cloud gaming.”

So whether a user wishes to game on a MacBook, Windows PC, or an Android mobile device, they can do that using Google Chrome. In addition, users who prefer Safari can also use Nware directly from iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads running on the iOS operating system.

Building strong relationships

In April, Nware penned a 10-year agreement with Microsoft to stream PC games developed by Xbox, along with renowned titles from Activision Blizzard (including the Call of Duty franchise) once the acquisition overcomes all of its current impediments.

Nware is designed to democratise the gaming industry and provide gamers without consoles access to their favourite titles. While no app download is required to use Nware, cloud gaming platforms can be unreliable due to connectivity and server loading issues, making it difficult to entirely eliminate the need for consoles.

The platform is currently offering over 20,000 titles, including Call of Duty, Hogwarts Legacy, Rocket League, and League of Legends. Players can access a vast library of games from Steam, Epic Games, Ubisoft, Roblox and Minecraft by syncing their accounts.

Signing up for an Nware account is free after which players will be granted a 3-day trial period to assess the service before making any commitments. To experience Nware on a web browser, visit the official website.

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