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Ceelo Green And Jack Splash Bring The Pink Experience To Ceek Metaverse

Grammy winner Splash says, ‘True art really has no specific place or time, it is for all people all the time’

Streaming platform and celebrity metaverse Ceek has partnered with CeeLo Green and Grammy-award-winning music producer Jack Splash for their forthcoming project later this year called The Pink.

Before this project launches, both CeeLo, Splash and Ceek released a new soulful single titled ‘Serious’ last week. A music video for the single will also be released on July 7th and users can view it from the Ceek website and the Ceek VR app. The Serious animated video was filmed in Miami.

Mary Spio, founder and CEO of Ceek said, “We are delighted to welcome CeeLo and Jack Splash to interact with their existing and new fans in this truly exciting and unique way. Ceek Metaverse Virtual hangouts are the future of socialising and community building for creators and fans alike.”

Accessible to all

Fans can also join the immersive experience via the Ceek App, where they can engage in real-time with CeeLo and Splash, along with other fellow fans, in the Ceek metaverse. This experience is accessible on mobile, tablet and browser, with or without a VR headset.

Green says, “Only an appointed artist such as myself and Jack Splash possess the foresight to peer into the future, take something from it then turning it into a tangible. Music is a means to move, show and prove, teach, retrain thought, broaden the scope of society so we see our reflection not as a delayed reaction but recognising purpose in real time.”

Splash added, “Everything CeeLo and I do is with at least one eye looking to the future. With this album, we’re finally bringing our future soul and funk back down to earth. We thought it would be fun to let it also live in the metaverse… not just for now, but for future generations.”

The Grammy-winning producer went on to add that partnering with Ceek is an exciting chance to explore their virtual world. “True art really has no specific place or time, it is for all people all the time,” added Splash.

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