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New Tech Demo Hosts 100,000 Users In A Single Environment

RP1 unveils scalable platform that it hopes will ultimately be home to a billion-user metaverse

Persistent, seamless and real-time platform RP1, has released the first public demo of its new backend technology that can support up to 100,000 users in a single, persistent virtual environment.

The platform’s technology is scalable to billions of users, making it possible to create truly massive virtual worlds in the metaverse. RP1 achieves this by utilising a few servers, compact enough to occupy a single room, rather than requiring an entire data centre.

Currently, virtual experiences can only accommodate a limited number of users per server (15 to 100 avatars). The company is offering to solve the issue of scaling virtual experiences. RP1’s offerings work with the hardware and chipsets from the largest manufacturers in the virtual space.

Sean Mann, CEO of RP1 said, “We are empowering individuals to develop tools, services, experiences and more. The limitless potential for innovation offered by our open-source approach is truly transformative. With RP1, we are revolutionising the way we play, socialise, learn and explore in the digital world.”

Creating on the spatial internet

RP1 transforms virtual experiences with scalability (connect multiple users), on-demand content (no more app stores), cost-effectiveness, interoperability, and device accessibility.

Linda Ricci, board member of the Virtual World Society and formerly with Meta said, “I have been working with emerging technologies for 30 years and was intrigued by the RP1’s technology from the first minute I heard about it three years ago. After experiencing the demo – and seeing its evolution since that first time. I’m convinced it gives the scalability and optionality needed to power the metaverse at scale. This is the engine the spatial internet needs.”

The RP1 demo was first showcased at the recent Augmented Worlds Expo (AWE) conference, which you can watch below:

RP1’s technology introduces a range of flexible tools, empowering developers to incorporate the platform into their unique creations within the metaverse. The forthcoming RP1 developer centre, set to launch in Q4 2023, will be open-source and provide a comprehensive suite of resources and tools. You can sign up to receive updates on its release.

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