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Vision Pro Trademark Was Claimed In China Four Years Ago!

Apple may need to negotiate a licensing agreement with Huawei for its newly revealed AR hardware

Apple created a significant buzz all over the tech world after announcing its highly talked about Vision Pro VR/AR headset. However, it appears that Huawei might have trademarked the name ‘Vision Pro’ in China four years ahead of Apple.

According to MyDrivers, a trademark application for the phrase ‘Vision Pro’ was submitted in May 2019, over four years prior to Apple unveiling its Vision Pro at WWDC. The trademark will seemingly take effect from 2021 and will remain valid until 2031.

The documentation can be verified by accessing the database of the Trademark Office for China. While opinions may vary regarding the trademarking of simple words and phrases, it’s all part of the system in the tech world. This time around, ‘Vision Pro’ has been broadly trademarked in the context of computing and displays.

Options for Apple moving forward

There is no specific reference to VR/AR or similar functionality in the trademark documentation, which might assist Apple in securing its own trademark for these specific product categories. However, Huawei appears to have covered this aspect by utilising more comprehensive language in their trademark application.

Although Huawei has only obtained the name for a period of 10 years, Apple plans to release its Vision Pro headset in 2024. Nevertheless, if the iPhone company wants to use the name within China when the headset launches, it will likely need to negotiate a licensing agreement with Huawei.

Apple could consider other options such as disregarding Huawei’s copyright and risk facing legal consequences from Huawei’s legal teams or worse, face repercussions under China’s intellectual property laws. The iPod maker could also opt to change the name of the headset specifically for the Chinese market or decide not to sell the device in China at all, which is very unlikely.

Huawei currently has a TV bearing the name Vision Pro and if the company wants, it could extend this branding to other products within China. However, due to government restrictions on its business, Huawei’s presence in the US has diminished significantly.

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