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Avalanche Arcad3 Program Helps Web2 Game Publishers Transition to Web3

Web3 pioneer Shrapnel, GREE and Gumi are among those participating in the program

Ava Labs is launching Avalanche Arcad3, a program aiding Web2 game developers in establishing blockchain deployments. Web2 publishers can work with leading Web3 studios, guilds and other Web3 developers through the program. Web3 pioneer Shrapnel and Japanese media companies GREE and Gumi are among those taking part.

Eiji Araki, Board of Director and SVP, Metaverse at GREE said, “GREE is always focused on the future of gaming, so we’re excited to be a part of Ava Lab’s Arcad3 program as a way to stay ahead on Web3 gaming and develop relationships with the studios who are experimenting in and building the space.”

GREE is currently designing its first web3 game. The company feels the game combines its two decades of mobile game development experience with the web3 experience.

“Having an experienced Web3 partner like Ava Labs and a program like Arcad3 where we can collaborate at a level of commitment that we are comfortable with is extremely valuable in order to build a great web3 game experience,” Araki adds.

Avalanche Arcad3 teaches publishers about Web3 marketing and risks

The Arcad3 program familiarises web2 publishers with Web3 challenges like utilising blockchain technology. Through the initiative, Web2 publishers can access a variety of Web3 brands. These brands will provide them with expertise on NFTs and other Web3 gaming topics. Arcad3 also promises to teach publishers about the risks of trading tokenised in-game items. Likewise, web2 publishers will learn about market tactics like offering free mint passes to enhance user engagement.

Shrapnel co-founder and CMO Mark Yeend said, “Shrapnel is focused on building a great game that’s enhanced by Web3 to become something truly special. Having Ava Labs and the Arcad3 program is a huge help to us in this journey and having a network of leaders that we can rely on for collaboration is very valuable. We’re looking forward to what comes out of this program in the next few years.”

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