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Louis Vuitton Digitises Its Iconic Trunk

Each VIA Treasure Trunk NFT costs €39,000, and only a few hundred units will be made available to blockchain users

Renowned French luxury brand Louis Vuitton recently revealed its latest innovation in response to the fashion industry’s ongoing shift towards the ‘phygital’ transformation.

Meet the VIA Treasure Trunk—a digital rendition of the iconic travel trunk that has become synonymous with the brand. This development leverages blockchain technology to bridge the gap between the digital and physical realms. It enables brands to replicate an exclusive sense of ownership in the virtual world.

Building upon its past involvement in the Aura blockchain initiative, Louis Vuitton’s VIA Treasure Trunk incorporates a soulbound token (SBT) that grants owners access to exclusive creations from the brand’s design house, Maison.

Limited availability

Each VIA Treasure Trunk comes with a price tag of €39,000 and only a few hundred units will be made available. Fans who wish to purchase the exclusive item must register on the waiting list using a crypto wallet.

Tomorrow (June 14th), selected individuals from the waitlist will receive invitations for a private preview page of VIA. Those fortunate invitees will then have the opportunity to acquire their Treasure Trunk on June 16th.

Through its immutable, transparent and publicly accessible infrastructure, blockchain is well on the way to revolutionising the concept of owning a unique digital asset like NFTs in order to be just as fulfilling as possessing its tangible counterpart.

Phygital trend in the Web3 era

The advent of Web3 has brought forth the phygital trend that introducts digital twins for physical objects on the blockchain. This trend marks a paradigm shift where objects of aesthetic significance take precedence over purely utilitarian value.

From designer stores in the metaverse to digital art collections, these objects epitomise the fusion of physical and digital realms. This in turn, is shaping the ever-evolving landscape of ownership in the digital age.

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