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Blockchain Platform Ava Labs Launches No-Code Web3 Launchpad

New tools intended to drive mass adoption-ready cloud-based infrastructure in blockchain

Ava Labs, creators of layer 1 blockchain platform Avalanche has launched AvaCloud, a new Web3 launchpad designed to assist businesses in constructing fully managed blockchain ecosystems without coding.

The AvaCloud offering consists of four primary components including an automated blockchain builder, managed validators, extensive data tools, and chain interoperability.

Through the automated blockchain builder, companies can get access to a no-code blockchain portal that includes round-the-clock technical support and a dedicated infrastructure team to assist them in overseeing a tailored network.

Each blockchain powered by AvaCloud also employs customisable precompiled smart contracts that are integrated into the blockchain protocol. The managed validators will provide automated installation and updates, while the comprehensive data tools will bring blockchain insights encompassing the entire Avalanche network and the Ethereum blockchain.

Nicholas Mussallem, senior vice president of product at Ava Labs told CoinDesk, “Historically, custom blockchains have required both intensive capital and human investment… One study quotes end-to-end deployment for a custom blockchain to have an average time and cost exceeding 12 months and $1.5 million per year.”

More tools underway

In addition, Ava Labs recently introduced Avalanche Warp Messaging, enabling communication among all Avalanche subnets. With these newly introduced tools, users can establish a cost-free testnet, transition to the mainnet, and seamlessly incorporate additional functionalities as their operations gradually expand.

“As blockchain has matured, it’s become clear that one size does not fit all,” said Mussallem. Because AvaCloud-powered blockchains are able to customise validator requirements like KYC and privacy, industries with strict regulations can benefit from blockchain tech. This opens the door for TradFi adoption, HIPAA compliance, government programs and much more.”

Ava Labs believes that the new tool will create greater revenue opportunities and, “Sets the stage for mass adoption-ready cloud-based infrastructure in blockchain.” Among the early adopters of AvaCloud are Shrapnel, an AAA game studio and SK, a Korean conglomerate.

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