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Ubisoft Explores How To Leverage AI

The company believes its 20 years of proprietary data and assets make it uniquely positioned to lead the artificial intelligence transformation

Video game publisher Ubisoft has expressed its support for creators and developers by encouraging them to explore AI technology, irrespective of their level of expertise.

Despite some major publishers and firms approaching the AI topic with caution, Ubisoft is taking a different stance by emphasising its willingness to embrace cutting-edge technological advancements.

In its full-year earnings report, the company confidently affirmed its dedication to harnessing generative AI technology and empowering developers to engage in unrestricted experimentation with AI.

“As the world adopts Generative AI at a record pace, GDC 2023 demonstrated its immense potential to profoundly transform creative industries,” the company wrote in the report. “Ubisoft is uniquely positioned to lead this transformation, with a strong game technology expertise, over 20 years of proprietary data and assets, and a rich portfolio.”

The Assassin’s Creed company went on to add that, “Internally, early adoption is fast, with creators and developers of all levels experimenting with the technology and taking advantage of the booming Generative AI landscape. With them, Ubisoft is shaping a responsible framework with talent management and fair use at heart.”

Enhancing the game experience with AI

Ubisoft has also acknowledged utilising its research and development efforts in the artificial intelligence and machine learning space. Notably, the company highlighted that its La Forge division specifically focuses on developing and implementing AI and ML applications.

The French company also adds that its objective is to explore and discover the most optimal applications of AI and leverage the technology to improve creativity, streamline workflows, and ultimately enhance the gaming experience for players.

Ubisoft has a track record of delving into nascent technologies that have not yet been widely adopted by the gaming market. In the past, the company ventured into NFTs, but in response to criticism, it clarified that its involvement was primarily aimed at gaining a deeper understanding of the concept rather than fully embracing it.

However, the Far Cry publisher recently introduced a collection of Assassin’s Creed NFTs, which they refer to as ‘digital souls’. These NFTs are designed to be customisable and can be integrated into physical Smart Collectibles.

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