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ChatGPT AI Gets Real-Time Information After Web-Connected Update

The new artificial intelligence update is available to ChatGPT Plus users paying $20 per month

Artificial intelligence company OpenAI has launched a massive ChatGPT update that allows users to browse the web using the popular chatbot.

ChatGPT was initially trained on a dataset that ended in 2021, which limited the chatbot’s knowledge and rendered it unable to provide information beyond that date. With the integration of new web-enabled capabilities, users of ChatGPT can now access current information and ask about recent topics and events.

The update comes with new features including access to over 70 third-party browser plugins, encompassing a wide range of services such as travel planning platforms like Expedia and Kayak, as well as productivity tools such as Slack and Zapier.

However, the new update is only available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers which currently costs $20 per month.

“We’re rolling out web browsing and Plugins to all ChatGPT Plus users,” OpenAI announced. “Moving from alpha to beta, they allow ChatGPT to access the internet and to use 70+ third-party plugins.”

The AI battle continues

OpenAI’s update to connect ChatGPT to the web comes shortly after tech giant Google launched its Bard AI system to a global audience and integrated it into some of its core products such as Gmail and Maps. In addition, Google has made Bard available free in 180 countries and regions.

The highlight of the tech giant’s 2023 Google I/O developer conference event was the unveiling of its advanced and upgraded AI system, which aligned with the company’s commitment to being an ‘AI-first company’.

Speaking to the US Congress, OpenAI boss Sam Altman says, “Eventually, all jobs will be taken over by AI,” but adds that his company is not yet close to its goal of creating Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

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