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MeWe Offers Universal Web3 Handle To New Users

MeWe says its decentralised social media gives users the most control of their accounts in Web3

Social network MeWe has launched open beta access for new users to claim a universal handle that can be used across an entire ecosystem of apps in collaboration with Frequency, a Layer 1 blockchain platform.

The move from MeWe has paved the way for it to become one of the largest decentralised social platforms in the world with plans to migrate its 20 million users in the coming weeks.

New users can claim their universal handle and create their social identity to have control over their data, how it is used, and choose the apps they share with others. Users can also use their universal handle to access any app that joins the Social Web while retaining all of their personal connections without the need for passwords.

A decentralised social media

Jeffrey Edell, chairman and CEO of MeWe said, “MeWe is working towards the future of social media, a future where users can finally have full control over their experience and personal data. From the start, MeWe has been committed to user privacy and data protection. While competing decentralised apps remain relatively limited in their product offerings, MeWe has a robust feature set and proven track record to build from as it expands into the web3 space.”

Whilst the world is yet to fully adopt Web3, there’s a growing excitement around the concept of a decentralised social media. MeWe is focused on distinguishing itself with its 600,000 interest groups and features such as dual camera and voice including video calling and messaging.

“Frequency is designed to enable all apps to deliver Web3 value to their users, and MeWe is taking a pioneering step by leveraging Frequency to give people control of their own data,” said Braxton Woodham, president of Amplica Labs.

As more social media apps move towards blockchain technology, we’re gradually adopting a decentralised future where users will have the most control of their accounts.

While centralised mainstream social platforms currently store and own users’ data, the adoption of blockchain will make it possible for users to store and own their data without relying on private companies.

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