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Microsoft’s New AI Solutions To Transform Nonprofit Fundraising

The Windows company believes artificial intelligence, ‘Can and will be a game-changer for nonprofits and fundraisers’

Windows company Microsoft has unveiled a range of fresh AI solutions and enhancements to Microsoft Cloud that are specifically intended to revolutionise the nonprofit sector and enhance the way fundraisers interact with donors, organise campaigns and streamline operations.

Moreover, the company also announced a private preview that’s exclusively for nonprofits to trial a new fundraising propensity model driven by AI. Through this preview, participating nonprofits can experiment with cutting-edge AI tools that enable fundraisers to predictively forecast fundraising objectives using data modelling.

Justin Spelhaug, vice president and global head, tech for social impact at Microsoft said, “Simply put, AI can and will be a game-changer for nonprofits and fundraisers. With these new AI solutions, we aim to empower nonprofits and fundraisers to achieve more and to create a more positive and rewarding experience for donors.”

Leveraging AI For Nonprofits

The Windows company also notes that although data can be helpful in identifying prioritising prospects, predicting donor behaviour and accessing data, “The ability to form actionable insights based on fundraising analytics is a major roadblock for many organisations.”

Users can now utilise Microsoft’s AI Copilot to deliver new capabilities with Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofits. Fundraisers can use it to leverage data in new ways that’ll allow them to attract, retain and grow their donor base.

The new tools that are available to users include a new fundraising dashboard, dynamic 365 marketing, Visa sales and AI capabilities of Teams Premium into fundraising and engagement that will help nonprofits improve productivity.

Interested nonprofits can sign up for the latest updates to take part in the private preview as the Windows company aims to make the solution broadly accessible later this year.

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