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Access The Metaverse On Your Mobile Device With DatChat’s Habytat

CEO Darin Myman says, ‘The next generation of social media will change how we exchange, store and control our information’

Metaverse company DatChat Inc. has launched the initial version of its Habytat open mobile metaverse through its SmartVerse, Inc. subsidiary.

The company’s Habytat 1.0 is set to offer users free NFT-deeded properties as well as houses in Geniuz City, a residential area of the Habytat modelled after Miami’s Wynwood arts district.

Users can now visit art galleries, explore the town, interact with others, take selfies with famous landmarks, customise their properties and enjoy the metaverse experiences that the Habytat has to offer.

Darin Myman, CEO of DatChat said, “Currently, most people have no idea what the metaverse is, what it does, what it looks like or how to get involved, which has impeded mass adoption by the average consumer. We saw a unique and timely opportunity to leverage our patents and develop new technology that hopefully leads to more people joining and seeing the value in the metaverse.”

Easy access to the metaverse

Although it’s still in its nascency, many existing metaverse platforms currently have a high barrier to entry, which is where Habytat comes in as it aims to democratise access through a variety of key offerings such as mobile device availability and offering free ownership of land and homes to users.

The platform is also focused on breaking down obstacles that limit participation in the metaverse such as the need for expensive devices like VR headsets and other gadgets.

“We have built a highly talented team of over 50 game developers, graphic artists and back-end developers that have worked tirelessly to create Habytat 1.0. This is just the beginning of the journey for us. We are very proud of Habytat, but the best is yet to come,” said Gianfranco Lopane, President, Smarterverse, Inc.

Habytat 2.0 is scheduled to launch in June of 2023 and will include a full virtual reality experience including AI Pets with an interactive dog park, a Music District, and much more. The Habytat is available to download for both iOS and Android.

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