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Disney CEO Says AI Will Be Highly Disruptive

Bob Iger believes artificial intelligence, ‘Could be extremely difficult to manage, particularly from an IP management perspective’

Disney CEO Bob Iger is the newest media and tech executive from a behemoth company to speak about the opportunities and concerns surrounding AI.

During Disney’s latest earnings briefing, Iger mentioned that advancements in AI could provide the company with, “Some pretty interesting opportunities” and, “Substantial benefits” in the future. However, there are also concerns to be considered.

“We’re already starting to use AI to create some efficiencies and ultimately to better serve consumers. Getting closer to the customer is something that is a real goal of ours, and we think that AI will provide some great opportunities to do that,” said Iger.

And although the CEO did not get into specifics, he added, “But it’s also clear that AI is going to be highly disruptive, and it could be extremely difficult to manage, particularly from an IP management perspective.”

AI serving customers better

Iger also said that Disney’s legal team is working overtime to effectively sort out some of the challenges that the entertainment company could face with the rise of AI. The Disney CEO also thinks that AI is well on its way to either becoming a hindrance or an opportunity for other industries as well.

“I’d have to say, overall, I’m bullish about the prospects because I think they’ll create efficiencies and ways for us to basically provide better services to customers.”

“I think that there’s a lot we’re going to have to contend with that will be quite disruptive and quite challenging. Getting more specific is not something I really am prepared to do right now,” Iger added.

Before Iger’s comments on AI, Avengers director Joe Russo recently told Variety, I think everyone should be scared of AI. I don’t know if you’ve heard any of the Drake ‘songs’ that have been dropping on social media, but it’s here. It’s not going anywhere.” Russo said that AI should be, “A tool servicing us rather than us servicing the tool.”

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