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SPH3RE Aims To Redefine The VR Landscape For The Web3 Generation

The metaverse platform aims to leverage AI to deliver a unique experience to its virtual reality users

Web3 metaverse platform SPH3RE has launched the beta version of its new virtual reality environment that offers connectivity and engagement for businesses and individuals.

Established by tech entrepreneurs and Web3 gaming experts, the platform provides users with interactive VR experiences, work facilitation, collaboration, social interaction and gaming.

With its blockchain-based backend and ecosystem, SPH3RE is aiming to power project management tools and workspaces by providing users with complete ownership and control of their virtual assets.

Kenny, founder of SPH3RE said, “AI will polarise the current world as the metaverse marks an exciting new frontier for the future of the web and its users. SPH3RE is at the forefront of this exciting and rapidly evolving space, presenting our users the opportunity for a next level of social interaction, remote work and entertainment.”

Various monetisation opportunities

The SPH3RE ecosystem aims to provide multiple monetisation possibilities, which can range from in-game collectables to virtual pets and customisable environments that bring more experiences to their users.

In addition to this, community-led VR devices using time-to-earn (T2E), in-game advertising and sponsored content on player-owned digital structures could become additional revenue streams for the SPH3RE user base.

All SPH3RE users are eligible for miniSPH3RE (MS), a unique ERC721 NFT digital repository that houses in-game collectables for trade or purchase which enables users to securely store their valuable data and customisations. The SPH3RE ecosystem also offers tradable MS assets, allowing users to engage with each other and explore new opportunities.

SPH3RE’s team of experts in gaming, technology, and Web3 is dedicated to promoting and building a virtual reality platform that aims to provide a social space with limitless possibilities for all.

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