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Aether Games Raises $4.5M In Token And Equity Funding

Investment to support transmedia development including blockchain, augmented reality and AI

Transmedia development studio Aether Games has raised $4.5 million in token and equity funding from a group of prominent investors, including Mystenlabs, Polygon, Magic Eden, Polkastarter, Cogitent, Ultra, GSR, EMURGO, Master Ventures, and Eclipse.

The studio will use its newly secured funding to support the development of the Aether world-building project which includes Cards of Ethernity, Gates of Ethernity, augmented reality, and AI technology.

Cards of Ethernity is a multichain game that demonstrates Aether Games’ potential to impact the gaming industry and it’s available on both Polygon and Sui.

Redefining the gaming industry

Jens Peeters, CEO of Aether Games said, “This investment will propel us forward in our mission to create a rich, immersive universe that integrates gaming, blockchain, and multimedia content. We’re excited to bring our vision to life and redefine the gaming landscape for both gamers and investors.”

The company’s focus on blending traditional gaming with blockchain technology and captivating narratives across various media formats sets it apart from other game developers.

Aether Games’ transmedia approach includes the development of the highly anticipated Gates of Ethernity, a new strategic autobattler that’s set to launch in late 2023, as well as an augmented reality mobile app and an engaging CGI series titled ‘Aether’ to captivate audiences on major streaming platforms.

Having worked on notable IPs like Hearthstone, Love, Death & Robots, Legends of Runeterra, and God of War, the team at Aether Games has an impressive background and is looking well-positioned to impact the gaming industry.

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