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Google Cloud Accelerates Web3 Innovation With New Startup Program

‘Our Web3 startup program offers free access to advanced hands-on learning labs focused on Web3′

Search giants Google has announced its new Google Cloud Web3 startup program which is offering help to Web3 startups and emerging projects build and grow more quickly and securely.

The program is aimed at allowing startups to concentrate on creating new things and launching them as fast as possible. Google Cloud is also providing a managed and serverless platform for free, along with resources and a community to help startups succeed.

In addition, Google is also expanding its Startups Cloud Program to include additional Web3-specific benefits.

Who can apply for the program

Eligible businesses from pre-seed to Series A can apply to the Google for Startups Cloud Program and opt-in to receive specific Web3 benefits.

The new benefits provide technology, resources and a community to help Web3 projects and startups concentrate on creating new things like decentralised apps, Web3 tooling, and services.

Web3 startups can get up to $200,000 in credits from Google Cloud over two years. With the credits, they can create their decentralised app (dApp), protocol or other services securely and quickly. The first year comes with up to $100,000 in credits, and in the second year, Google Cloud covers 20% of the costs up to an additional $100,000 in credits.

“We’re providing credits to allow Web3 startups access to fast, high-quality Customer Care Enhanced Support, access to Google Cloud Startup Customer Engineers and a Startup Success Manager to accelerate onboarding with Google Cloud,” said Google. “We’re also offering 12 months of free Google Workspace Business Plus for new sign-ups.”

Dedicated Web3 benefits

In providing access to technological benefits, Google says that startups and projects will get direct visibility into the Google Cloud Web3 product roadmap as well as the ability to provide input. Adding that, “Our Web3 startup program offers free access to advanced hands-on learning labs focused on Web3 and the latest Google Cloud technology.”

To bring startups together, the Bard AI creator is providing startups with a Discord channel that will include Google Cloud Web3 product and engineering teams.

“We are enabling like-minded developers and engineers at the forefront of innovation to come together to share knowledge through an invite-only, gated Discord channel with Google Cloud Web3 product, engineering, partners, and other startups in the program,” Said Google.

In addition, Google will also provide startups with VIP access to community events as it believes, “Community is at the heart of Web3, and Web3 events are a great opportunity for startups to meet in person and grow their networks.

“Startups will get VIP access to global Google Cloud Web3 events, such as Paris Blockchain Week, Consensus and TOKEN2049 Singapore.”

Alongside other benefits, Google says it will continue to help Web3 founders and developers move fast without technical debts holding them back.

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