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Riot Games’ New Virtual Pass Will Support Esports Teams And Fans

The League of Legends and Valorant firm believes esports is the future of sports

Image credit: Riot Games

Valorant developer Riot Games has unveiled its plans to support esports by creating a ‘Virtual Pass’ to support the esports teams that participate in both League of Legends and Valorant.

Esports has become a global phenomenon across the globe and has garnered millions of players and viewers as different countries and cultures seek to become a part of the ever-growing industry.

In 2023, Riot and its sponsors will offer unique digital and physical products through the Virtual Pass. Riot aims to enhance access to events with special camera views and premium chat channels. Additionally, the Virtual Pass will extend to Valorant esports next year.

Virtual passes are merely the beginning

According to Riot, the main purpose of the Virtual Pass is to give fans a rich online Worlds viewing experience, a bundle of products and services at a tremendous value and more ways to express their fandom and excitement.

Riot’s virtual pass is already looking like a game-changer for the esports industry as it’ll provide fans with a new experience to make them feel like they are part of the action. Fans with virtual passes can also watch their favourite players compete up close.

However, the League of Legends developer is also working on creating a new and innovative way for players to experience esports. Riot is also working to create new and innovative ways to experience esports by developing its very own watch platform. This will allow the game developer to use both player and viewer data to show personalised offers directly to viewers.

Building the future of sport

John Needham, president of esports at Riot Games said, “We truly believe that we are building the future of sport at Riot Games. Our growing audience is young, connected, social, playing games, and watching tons of gaming content on streaming platforms.”

According to a spokesperson, Riot is currently finalising certain aspects of the Virtual Pass, such as the pricing, rewards, and revenue distribution arrangements with teams. “If we design this product [Virtual Pass] right, it will deliver great experiences and connect fans with their favourite players and teams, while simultaneously creating a new revenue stream for teams.”

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