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Blockmate’s Web3 App Brings Passive Income Generation To The Masses

Blockmate CEO says, ‘The opportunity for internet users to generate $20 a month from their unique IP address, in minutes, without any technical expertise is revolutionary’

Web3 incubator Blockmate Ventures‘ subsidiary Hivello has launched the beta of an innovative application that allows an addressable market of over 100 million internet users to earn $20 monthly in passive income.

Users can download Hivello on their smartphones or computers and run the automated Web3 software in the background, which lets them earn money in their local currency.

“The opportunity for internet users to generate $20 a month from their unique IP address, in minutes, without any technical expertise is revolutionary. With Hivello being the bridge between the millions of target users and the growing number of Web3 protocols, Hivello is well placed to reach for the millions in recurring, high margin revenue targeted by its founders,” said Blockmate Ventures CEO Justin Rosenberg.

Hivello users can contribute resources like hard disk space, computer processing power or even bandwidth to decentralised Web3 projects like Mysterium or Sia, and earn at the same time.

Web3 passive income

The new application acts as an orchestrator, arranging and optimising the user’s resources for maximum efficiency and reward, while contributing to the growth of the decentralised ecosystem. Hivello also earns a margin on all revenue generated through the platform.

Andrew Smith, CEO of Hivello commented, “The launch of Hivello is a game changer for Web3 infrastructure, empowering a broad range of users to participate in the decentralised ecosystem. We estimate that an old laptop from 2015 can generate $20 a month worth of tokens. More tech-savvy users might utilize a $40 Raspberry Pi to do the same for a quick return on investment.”

Although Hivello is currently invite-only for the beta launch, a full commercial launch is planned at Bitcoin Miami, a cryptocurrency conference in May 2023, which will include a global marketing drive to draw attention to the opportunity for users to generate passive income through Hivello from their existing computers.

For now, users can sign up for the waitlist to be notified when the app becomes available to the public.

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