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Mindverse Launches Closed Beta Of New AI Platform MindOS

The artificial intelligence firm says, ‘We believe that MindOS has the potential to revolutionise the way we interact with AI and each other’

Singapore-based AI firm Mindverse has launched its worldwide closed beta. It’s available in the Western hemisphere now until the 21st, when it will be available to the Eastern hemisphere. It’s open to developers, distributors, journalists, and enterprise IT teams.

By leveraging the platform’s variety of tools, users can create AI Geniuses or even virtual beings that can assist businesses with service delivery and sales. The platform will provide attendees with a deep dive into its core technology. This will include an AMA (ask me anything) with the founders as well as a closed beta license to explore the MindOS technology.

“During this period, users will have full access to MindOS, including creating customisable AI Geniuses, personalising its appearance and personality, tailoring knowledge and skills with drag and drop tools, and interacting with it in real-time,” said Mindverse.

MindOS Web3 AI technology allows users to customise their AI assistants’ appearance, personality, knowledge domain, and app integration before deployment. Mindverse’s AI Geniuses can be trained with unorganised data like product documents, manuals, or entire websites to provide accurate responses that match the brand’s voice.

Possible uses for AI in the Metaverse, NFTs, and Web3

Mindverse’s AI-powered virtual beings can provide guidance and answer user queries within specific virtual environments, making them ideal for use as NFT avatars across different metaverses.

A unique feature that sets Mindverse apart is that it is one of the pioneering projects that combines blockchain technology with AI. “MindOS AI Geniuses can listen, learn, and interact with thousands of users at the same time, all while providing a unique and personalised experience to everyone,” said Mindverse.

In addition, the Mindverse platform can be used by Web3 AI projects, whether they are new or existing. This can help them create and use AI Geniuses that can help save time and increase productivity.

You can register to take part in the closed beta from the official page.

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