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MORGAN TUCKER // Roblox and Designing in the Metaverse

Morgan Tucker from Roblox delivers an inspiring video session about game design in the metaverse at Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #8.

No longer just a game but a community platform, Roblox is continuously growing across broader age groups. With concerts taking place on the platform during the pandemic, it’s demonstrated just what is possible in shared online spaces. So what can the various ways Roblox has expanded life in the digital space teach us about the metaverse? 

Roblox as a metaverse platform

At the online conference Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #8 (September 2021), Morgan Tucker (Roblox) talks about the revolutionary steps Roblox has taken to immerse players into the metaverse.

He shares anecdotes about the company’s collaborative experience with musical duo Twenty One Pilots. In particular, the virtual concert held inside Roblox enhanced interaction with the audience in that players could influence setlists and how they wanted to experience the performance. Players had a stronger sense of agency, which is a key principle in design. The concert also boosted global accessibility, making sure that real life is enhanced and not simply replicated.

Herein lies one of the main takeaways from Tucker’s talk. When designing in the metaverse, developers must look for big moments of emotion. How do you get as many people as possible to create experiences that are inherently social? Don’t let technology dictate the vision – always use creativity as a foundation and technology as mere support.

Challenges of designing in the metaverse

Tucker further shares valuable insights on the importance of character as a direct result of player choices. Good design allows players to discover things that the developers themselves didn’t realise from the beginning. He also discusses the complexities in creating these experiences. How can you make tools open-ended enough that players can fill in the spaces themselves?

What’s next for Roblox in this shared virtual space? Does Roblox dabble in NFTs? What’s the next big milestone in the advent of the metaverse? Towards the end of this video session, Tucker answers a few hand-picked questions from the audience to cap off the talk. 

This essential talk covers game design in the metaverse and delivers insight into Roblox’s Spatial Voice tool, plus the importance of capturing the essence of life in a player’s avatar.

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Catherine plays video games for a living, reads comics for inspiration, and writes because she’s in love with words. Her Young Adult fantasy novel, Of Myths And Men, has been published by Penguin Random House SEA and is her love letter to gamer geeks, mythological creatures, aliens, and epic quests to save the world. She one day hopes to soar the skies as a superhero, but for now, she strongly believes in saving lives through her works in fiction. Check out her books at, or follow her on FB/IG/Twitter at @thenoobwife.

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