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Million On Mars Partners With Scenario To Empower Players Through Artificial Intelligence

CEO Erik Bethke says, ‘Generative AI is completely changing how the gaming industry operates’

Privately held independent game developer Million on Mars has integrated Scenario‘s Generative AI platform directly into the Million on Mars game, to empower its players with generative AI.

The partnership has also unlocked access to ‘Structured UGC’, a new game development model that will allow players to co-create vibrant and expansive worlds within the Million on Mars universe. Using the Structured UGC, players can also design and add game elements that are consistent with the game’s style and premise, such as missions, crafting chains, buildings and items.

“We’re always looking for new ways to redefine gaming and empower our players with new, emerging technologies,” said Erik Bethke, CEO and founder of Million on Mars. “Generative AI is completely changing how the gaming industry operates.”

Bethke added that partnering with Scenario has allowed Millions on Mars to introduce a new future for gaming by, “Unleashing new possibilities for collective creativity and rewarding our players for their invaluable contributions, creativity, time, and social capital.”

A growing playerbase

Currently, Million on Mars has more than 10,000 active players who have acquired up to 40-acre plots of land and are trying to attain economic independence on the red planet.

Emmanuel de Maistre, co-founder and CEO of Scenario said, “The Generative AI boom is just starting, and Million on Mars is a testament to the potential it brings to the entire gaming industry. We believe that Generative AI will play a more critical role in the way games are created.”

The Scenario CEO added that developers and players deserve to be at the forefront of generative AI’s defining direction, “And that’s what Million on Mars is doing – it’s enabling true partnership between players and developers to unlock new opportunities for the game to evolve… through the use of generative AI.”

Million of Mars is playable on Polygon, Solana, and Wax blockchains, and is also free to play on Web2. The game features resource harvesting, crafting, trading, settlement building, and missions across the planet Mars.

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