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AlgoKit Will Allow Web2 Developers To Build Web3 Applications On Algorand

CTO says, ‘Anyone who knows the basics of blockchain development is able to build on Algorand with AlgoKit’

In a move to further grow its Algorand blockchain ecosystem, Algorand Foundation has announced the launch of AlgoKit, a developer tool suite that can be used to build Web3 applications on Algorand.

The tool uses UX principles that are commonly used in Web2 software and is designed to pave the way for Web2 developers to transition into Web3 and allow developers from other chains to try out Algorand as well.

AlgoKit will enable users to run, explore and interact with an isolated local Algorand network called LocalNet before deploying to mainnet, a crucial offering in building and launching decentralised applications (dApps).

It also offers updates to the beaker framework and to how local development, testing, debugging and deployment are done on the Algorand blockchain, allowing developers of all experience levels to start building quality Web3 dApps.

John Woods, CTO of Algorand Foundation said, “AlgoKit is a huge milestone in establishing Algorand as the most developer-friendly blockchain. It brings some of the most desirable Web2 UX features into the Algorand ecosystem, making it extremely easy to onboard and start building on blockchain quickly.

“Anyone who knows the basics of blockchain development is able to build on Algorand with AlgoKit. It’s easy to install and set up and features a clean language with user-friendly design patterns, an integrated testing suite, best practices for security, and best practices for deployment pipelines.”

The tool suite comes equipped with the necessary developer needs in building, testing and deploying on Algorand. AlgoKit also features Algorand’s core development language PyTeal, a Python binding for Algorand Smart Contracts, as well as introduces Beaker, a new smart contract development framework for PyTeal.

At launch, the tool suite will focus on the smart-contract development experience, with a product roadmap that points to full-stack development.

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