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Some AAA Video Game Studios Want Nothing To Do With AI Art

Former Blizzard and Riot Games artist Trent Kaniuga claims multiple big brands are shunning the use of artificial intelligence over litigation fears

Photo by DeepMind on Unsplash

According to ex-Blizzard and Riot Games artist Trent Kaniuga, various AAA game developers are shunning the use of AI art over litigation fears.

Generative AI platforms like Stable Diffusion have been taken to court due to plagiarism claims and as Kaniuga took to Twitter to explain the situation, the artist wrote that AAA game developers are avoiding AI art for a reason.

“AI art is now BANNED by many major game dev studios due to ‘possible legal copyright issues.’” the artist said. “Many old clients are amending contracts recently to end the use of AI art. This goes in line with what I’d predicted in several of my first videos on the subject.”

Since AI art uses databanks of artworks created by humans without permission, many have come to believe that digital art is stolen. Last year we saw how an AI image generator recreates an artist’s work, down to their watermarks.

The ex-Blizzard artist explained that various studios are now placing a ban on generative AI art to avoid future lawsuits. Kaniuga also wrote that some of the previous companies he’s worked with are planning on keeping their products as far away from AI artwork as they can.

“This comes directly from my clients, asking me to sign an addendum to my existing contracts with them. If you know my client list, then you know at least some of the companies that are banning AI art,” said Kaniuga.

AI use amongst game companies

And while companies like Ubisoft and Unity are delving proudly into generative AI for upcoming projects, many other companies are neglecting the nascent tech.

Kaniuga has worked with Blizzard, Riot Games, Capcom and Epic Games, which means that some – if not all – of these companies are against AI art. The artist has also worked for Marvel Comics, which means it could also be against the use of AI art for its comics.

Just recently, the United States Copyright Office released a statement regarding its policies for AI art noting that current laws did not grant copyright protections to most AI-generated illustrations.

The USCO claimed copyright protections can only be held by works that are, “The product of human creativity,” though it also claimed future laws might loosen standards and permit some AI art similar protections.

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