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ChatGPT And Whisper API Now Available To Developers

Users to enjoy continuous model improvements and the option to choose dedicated capacity for deeper control over the AI models

Artificial intelligence company OpenAI has announced that its ChatGPT and Whisper models are now available for use in its API, allowing developers to access its language and speech-to-text capabilities.

After a series of system-wide optimisations, OpenAI says that it has achieved a 90% cost reduction for ChatGPT and is now passing those savings to API users. “Developers can now use our open-source Whisper large-v2 model in the API with much faster and cost-effective results,” said OpenAI in a blog post.

ChatGPT took the world by storm when it launched in late November last year and with the release of GPT-4, the highly advanced AI model continues to attract significant attention across the world.

The company is now allowing ChatGPT API users to enjoy continuous model improvements and the option to choose dedicated capacity for deeper control over the models as well as refined API terms of service to better meet their needs.

OpenAI’s low pricing

Whisper is the company’s speech-to-text recognition system which launched in September 2022. The system can turn spoken English words into text which a user can then input into ChatGPT or a different speech-to-text application. “We’ve now made the large-v2 model available through our API, which gives convenient on-demand access priced at $0.006 / minute,” said OpenAI.

The ChatGPT model family released is GPT-3.5-turbo, offered at $0.002 per 1,000 tokens for 750 words. The company adds that it is 10x cheaper than previous GPT-3.5 models.

An online post shows that several individuals see OpenAI’s API pricing to be extremely low, with one user saying, “I have no idea how OpenAI can make money on this,” he said. “This has to be a loss-leader to lock out competitors before they even get off the ground.”

As the company gets set for premium customers, it is also making changes based on feedback from initial adopters including updating its Terms of Service and Usage Policies to clarify that, “Users own the input and output of the models.”

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