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GPT-4 AI Creates Games In Minutes

Snake, Pong, Connect 4… how long until we see a Grand Theft Auto clone generated by artificial intelligence?

Image by Ammaar Reshi

OpenAI‘s GPT-4 is finally here and it comes packed with a ton of new features and capabilities that makes it a more advanced AI compared to its predecessor ChatGPT.

The new AI is not only capable of passing exams, writing human-like essays and suggesting recipes using an image of leftovers, but is now creating video games from a description.

An exciting potential

The AI company assured users that GPT-4 is a far more advanced AI compared to ChatGPT and now some users are putting this claim to the test. The Independent newspaper reported that digital designer Ammaar Reshi used the AI tool to recreate a version of the mobile game Snake in less than 20 minutes.

“The potential is so exciting. Anyone can make their own games just by describing them!” Reshi wrote after sharing the game online.

Pietro Schirano, another designer, asked the chatbot to create a Pong game and said that, “GPT-4 is an incredible and transformative technology. I recreated the game of Pong in under 60 seconds,” adding that it was his first try. The chatbot responded with not only instructions on which coding language to use, but also a script that could be used to create the game.

Another Twitter user wrote that they were able to create a digital version of Connect 4 and it was the, “First try no errors.”

An imperfect but impressive AI

Apart from some of the known features and functions of GPT-4, the company behind the chatbot also said that ChatGPT Plus subscribers can also give it a unique personality.

OpenAI conceded that the chatbot is still not perfect, with one of its most serious limitations being ‘hallucinating’, and that the new AI will still confidently make up its own facts that could lead to reasoning errors.

“Great care should be taken when using language model outputs, particularly in high-stakes contexts, with the exact protocol (such as human review, grounding with additional context, or avoiding high-stakes uses altogether) matching the needs of a specific use-case,” OpenAI said.

This isn’t the first time the chatbot has created a game as it has also just recently created Sumplete, a game that’s similar to Sudoku. Microsoft is also currently working on how to control robots and drones using ChatGPT.

If you’re looking to get your hands on the new GPT-4, Open AI has said that depending on the traffic patterns it, “May introduce a new subscription level for higher-volume GPT-4 usage,” and in future it hopes to, “Offer some amount of free GPT-4 queries so those without a subscription can try it too.”

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