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ChatGPT AI Has Created A Sudoku-like Game For Puzzle Lovers

The artificial intelligence chatbot can do a whole lot more than writing essays…

Users are exploring ways to utilise OpenAI’s highly talked about ChatGPT as more than simply a language model with some interesting results. The popular AI has now invented a new game titled Sumplete and may be looking to dethrone The New York Times’ Web-based game Wordle.

Sumplete is similar to Sudoku with slightly different gameplay rules; players are given grids with numbers that vary in difficulty with the beginner level having three rows and three columns. Higher difficulties beyond that go from four rows and four columns and so on. The game’s highest and most advanced difficulty has nine rows and nine columns.

ChatGPT also had a helping hand in creating Sumplete from a human user named Daniel Tait who guided the AI as well as creating a website for the game for players can access and play.

How to play ChatGPT’s Sumplete

In Sumplete, the cells in the grid and at the end of every row and column have numbers. So in order to win, players must try to erase numbers in every cell so the remaining numbers add up to the target number beside each row and column.

And as aforesaid, the 3×3 column is the most basic and easiest level to play but sometimes easy isn’t always the best. So if you’re hoping to get more fun out of the game and are seeking something a bit more challenging, consider increasing the difficulty to 6×6 or put your skills to the test with 9×9.

Tait who helped guide the chatbot in creating the game initially asked ChatGPT to recommend similar games like Sudoku and went on to ask the AI if it was capable of designing a similar game like Sudoku that was nonexistent.

After multiple attempts, the chatbot came up with the name Sumplete and created a similar Sudoku game in about 30 seconds using HTML and JavaScript.

However, this isn’t ChatGPT’s first entrance into the games sphere. NetEase recently announced it will integrate ChatGPT into its upcoming MMORPG game Justice Online Mobile and allow players chat with AI NPCs.

You can check out the game’s ’About‘ page here which shows a detailed conversation between Tait and ChatGPT that led to the creation of Sumplete and you can play the game on the official website.

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