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Meet Romania’s New AI Government Adviser

Artificial Intelligence now informs the country’s prime minister of citizens’ opinions

The growth of artificial intelligence is seemingly expanding to new regions around the globe as Romanian Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă has introduced his Cabinet to a new member honorary adviser that’s run entirely on AI.

Ciucă’s new honorary adviser was introduced as Ion during a demonstration to other ministers. The AI was seen responding to the prime minister’s prompts with a face and words on a digital screen and a computerised voice.

“The Romanian government thus marks a first at the national and international level because we are discussing the first government advisor who uses artificial intelligence,” said the prime minister. Adding that the AI’s name, “Comes from the mirror transposition of the phrase NOI” and “Will receive the role of honorary advisor to the Prime Minister.”

AI makes its way into the government

Ciucă went on to add that the AI’s role is to, “Help the Romanian citizens, informing the government in real time of the proposals, problems and wishes of the Romanians.” Saying the Ion project, “Represents a system that uses artificial intelligence to quickly and automatically capture the opinions and grievances of Romanians, using information from the public space.”

Romanians will also be able to send their idea to the AI’s accompanying website, and official social handle as well as in some in-person locations. The AI will then align each citizen’s contribution for the Romanian government to consider. However, users will not receive any form of response from the AI itself, according to Nicu Sebe, coordinator of the research team.

Minister Sebastian Burduja, whose office is overseeing the project also explained that Ion will analyse the information it receives and create reports on Romanians’ priorities.

The prime minister urged not only the citizens but the government as well to participate in the Ion project as an “obligation” in ensuring “close and timely” communication.

“For me and I am convinced that for you too, this approach is a reason for joy because it is an approach of researchers, of top professors in the field, of firms and companies in the field. So it is a 100% Romanian project,” said Ciucă.

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