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K-pop Girl Group TWICE Announces Fan Hub On Roblox

The group wants fans to treat the space as a hangout and information source

Popular K-pop girl group TWICE is setting up to launch its very own immersive and dedicated virtual world dubbed TWICE Square on Roblox.

TWICE Square will be a persistent fan hub on the popular gaming platform with millions of users around the globe. It’ll also allow the group’s fanbase (ONCE) to connect virtually with other fans around the globe.

Fans and other users can communicate with the K-pop girl group by leaving notes on display and sharing selfies on social media. Once a user has been age-verified, they can use the voice chat function on the platform.

Karibi Dagogo-Jack, head of music partnerships at Roblox commented, “We’re already seeing that many Roblox users are creating experiences dedicated to their favourite musicians. TWICE is a natural fit given the group’s passionate fan base and their commitment to innovation… Roblox is excited to empower this behaviour in our community and enable full expression, fan connections, and immersion in TWICE Square. I’m particularly keen to see how TWICE Square unveils new ways for fans to experience the group’s creativity, communicate with the group, and build friendships with other ONCE.”

Games to enjoy and items to buy

TWICE Square will also allow users to play two mini-games including Set Me Free, an escape room that’s named after the upcoming lead single from Ready to Be and a trivia challenge game that’ll allow fans to test their knowledge whilst racing against the clock.

Users can also collect, trade and buy items from plushies to avatar clothing based on the real-life looks and styles of the group’s members. Fans can also get emotes inspired by the group’s most popular dance moves.

“When it comes to community, Roblox has tremendous levels of fan engagement, and we knew that TWICE fans were already very active on Roblox — including a fan-made TWICE group with tens of thousands of members,” says Glenn Mendlinger, president of Imperial, building with Roblox. “The logical next step was to build out a first-of-its-kind experience connecting them and TWICE in an official custom-built world and environment. Leaning into the core tenant of connection and creativity on Roblox, it was all about meeting fans where they already are, then crafting the optimal experience.”

The new initiative is built by metaverse studio Karta and the group will be rolling out new features throughout the year including visits from the girls themselves as they hope that fans will treat the space as a hangout and information source for all things TWICE.

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