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New SRun App Rewards You With Tokens While You Walk

‘We are building the next generation of web3 enthusiasts’

Web3 development company ProApps Ltd, specialising in NFT projects has announced the launch of its latest project called SRun. A new mobile app that’ll pay users to move by utilising the tech advancements of Web3, blockchain, crypto tokenomics and fitness-fi.

SRun combines both fitness apps, and gaming finance (game-fi) and takes it to a new level by providing users with a rewarding experience where they can earn tokens by simply performing outdoor activities like walking, running or jogging.

Users can then cash out their tokens for profits or use them in the SRun app. The app also uses a single token system to facilitate transactions with 3rd party exchangers.

“Since launching of SRun in early 2023, we’ve had the honor to serve members in different continents as we are building the next generation of web3 enthusiasts and supporting the global acceptance in NFTs, tokenomics, and blockchain technology,” said Uwe Engelbart, head of Blockchain Technology at Srun.

Earn while you walk

The total amount of SRun tokens is 10 billion, all of which are produced and minted from casting sneakers and a reward mechanism with no private sales, airdrops, pre-mining or reservations on the platform.

Once produced, the tokens are burned on multiple occasions like transaction exchanges, shoe upgrades, substitute running, mining fees, ecological games, purchasing of blessing stones, AI secret chat, and others.

All of the platform’s burning systems are maintained by the strict control logic and a deflation mechanism that promotes the rise of the token’s price. Down the line, SR tokens will go into circulation and be used in various applications as well as platforms to be part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

SRun is committed to maintaining its efforts to help users earn with every step they make. The company’s primary focus remains on building a global community and simplifying earnings through users’ daily activities.

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